Nix Conference & Meeting Management has been named by ECPAT-USA as a Top Member of The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism. Named for the seventh year in a row. Nix is among just 16 companies in the U.S. to receive this designation “for their exceptional work to integrate child protection practices into their businesses.” 

The Code is a set of six voluntary guidelines that travel and tourism companies implement to comprehensively and proactively combat the commercial sexual exploitation of children. In order for a company to be recognized as a Top Member, companies must implement all six of The Code criteria within their business operations and report publicly on TheCode.Org website.

For the past seven years, Nix has led the charge among meeting planners worldwide to help end sex trafficking in hotels.  Nix staff members inform all customers about the issue of trafficking and address the issue of trafficking with the management of every hotel where they do business.  Nix also provides annual training for employees and presents workshops and seminars for stakeholders. The social action organization Nix leadership founded, Exchange Initiative, released the TraffickCam app, which enables travelers to anonymously photograph hotel rooms and upload data to a national database that will help law enforcement and investigators locate victims.

“We congratulate the Code Top Members, and thank all of our corporate partners for continuing to make child protection a priority at your company,” said Yvonne Chen, Director of Private Sector Engagement. “We look forward to continuing to work together toward ending child sex trafficking and exploitation.”

Click here to see all of the US Code Members and learn more about ECPAT’s work with companies to prevent child trafficking and exploitation.

A form of modern-day slavery, sex trafficking forces children and adults to engage in commercial sex acts against their will. Most victims are recruited when they are just 12 to 14 years old, coerced through drugs, violence, debt bondage and intimidation.  Up to 300,000 Americans under 18 are lured into the commercial sex trade every year, according to Ark of Hope for Children.  Hotels are a common venue where traffickers exploit their victims making the travel, meeting planning and hotel industry uniquely positioned to help prevent and disrupt sex trafficking


ECPAT-USA is a leading policy organization seeking to end the commercial, sexual exploitation of children through awareness, advocacy, policy, and legislation. The ECPAT Code (short for “The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism”) is a multi-stakeholder initiative with the mission to provide awareness, tools and support to the tourism industry to prevent the sexual exploitation of children.  When a tourism company joins The Code they commit to taking specific steps to help protect children. For more information, visit

Nix Conference & Meeting Management
, based in St. Louis, manages meetings, conferences and trade shows for associations, religious organizations, businesses and nonprofits. Nix has managed events on four continents and in 17 countries since 1985. Nix leads the charge among meeting planners to end sex trafficking in hotels and founded Exchange Initiative, the developer of the TraffickCam app. For more information, call (314) 645-1455 or visit

Exchange Initiative provides resources, information and networking solutions to combat sex trafficking in the U.S. Download the TraffickCam app on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) or use the desktop app at For more information, visit, and